Villa Ca’Toga

As stunning as this house is, artist/owner/hosts Carlo Marchiori and Tony Banthutham are equally fascinating company ! Thank you for welcoming us soon to be Calistoga residents.                

Progress this Week

This week was a busy one. For starters: we decided on Indian Kota Bluestone for our rear hardscape by the pool.   Balconies were tested for fit;   And the last stone apron we restored from the original stone was installed.

Insulation and other Joys

Attempting to capture an angle of the bay window and got a magnificent ray of sunshine with it.   On the Ground Floor, the flue (the silver colored tube that juts off the stone wall) for the living room fireplace is in place.     Ingenious way of creating racks for drying the wood trims.…

Windows on the Second Floor

What we thought would be a rainy, no work day, turned out to be a day of filling, preparing and repairing the original window trims on the 2/F. All in anticipation of the install of new glass windows.