Progress this Week

This week was a busy one. For starters: we decided on Indian Kota Bluestone for our rear hardscape by the pool.   Balconies were tested for fit;   And the last stone apron we restored from the original stone was installed.

Gingko Biloba Tree

The deciduous tree we would like to have at the entrance of the Francis House. Imagine… four of these, in each corner of a “square” and an old style fountain in the center. Wouldn’t that be so welcoming ?      

Thinking (Black Bottom) Pool

In consonance with the century old original stone building, we are attempting to carry over the old world aesthetic to the landscape and that includes the pool. Here, our pool consultant, pours acid on the Pebble Tec gunite samples and washed it off to show the color it would become when wet.   The photo…