Friends Abound in Calistoga

Meeting Jill & Robert in an Indian restaurant in San Francisco was serendipity. I believe, if not a year ago, because of many shared interests, our paths were bound to cross. Thank you for another amazing evening, dear friends. We always love a visit to your beautiful home.    

You Can’t Turn These Down.

Meeting creative Calistoga business owners is a lot of fun and especially so when chocolate is involved. Thank you Laura for meeting with us today and discussing how we could work together when we open. These are delectable confections we may be offering at turn down service. Believe me, it will be hard to turn…

Floor Talk

Laying the European White Oak hardwood floor planks on the Mansard Roof Floor. The cork underlayment is an added layer for added insulation and sound proofing.   While investigating the options on the direction of the planks in the landings where we have a marquetry center.