Richard and I joined this 4-day Intensive Hands-On Innkeeper Workshop at the Bed & Breakfast at Tiffany Hill in North Carolina last week.

There were serious moments like understanding the plating, proportioning and serving of breakfast.




And hilarious moments to “lighten” the load of physical labor.





But alongside the informative and well-spaced lectures and hands-on work, the B & B Team made time for fun group dinners.




And then before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye. With our Certificate in hand, we now have a clearer vision of the innkeeper’s life and what awaits us when the Francis House opens for business.






Thank you Selena and Linda for those long days and happy moments ! We aspire to be in your league of Innkeepers extraordinaire !

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  1. Dina and Richard,
    So excited that you could travel to Asheville and to Bed & Breakfast on Tiffany Hill to experience our Future Innkeeper’s Hands-on Workshop. Love your photos of you and Richard at work. Looking forward to visiting when you open!

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