The rains last week put a halt with work on the stone exterior walls.

But today we made decisions on the type and color of grout for the exterior walls.

Proper grouting is a very important to the stability, waterproofing and aesthetics of a historic building.

It basically means filling in the areas around the existing stones to seal the walls from the elements. I looked up some videos on You Tube to show the process. Just think piping icing but in a structural sense.

In a cake, it’s just decorative but in a building, it is the basic foundation, the A-B-C of a structure that will determine its longevity and stability. You’ll have a better understanding watching this.

Plus read this. We opted for the standard joint to have that recessed area that would make the old stones pop rather than recede.




The grout looks dark grey in the photo- but it was just applied. Grout that is dried turns lighter. We hope this will to dry closer to a few shades darker than the existing stone walls.




The skies were blue and the day was just perfect for some Grouting 101.