Receiving Insulation on a Sunny Day

SDI Insulation started work today. Their work is limited to the 3rd Floor as the 2nd and Ground Floors have natural stone insulation. This should be done by tomorrow and then the roofers take over to create the long awaited (Mansard) roof. Dear Sun, glorious sun, please stay !  

Calistoga Mystery Photo

The Calistoga Tribune tagged the Francis House as their Mystery Photo last week. There were 8 persons who guessed right (see article from the Calistoga Tribune). Thank you for being so observant of the step by step progress in your neighborhood. Soon, the building won’t be that mysterious anymore. 🙂

Behind the Mansard Roof

Each time I climb the makeshift ladder to reach the 3/F, I ask myself what can make this floor as special as the 2/F (with interior stone walls). The 3/F will have walls that are essentially the inside walls of the mansard roof.         What do you think about a faux finish…

Baby Steps are Still Steps

I know… I know… it looks like nothing much is happening but next week of good weather means full throttle on getting the trusses and wood sheathing in place. We target a roof up by April Fools Day (and that’s no April Fool’s prank !)