Dormer Window Template is in the House

A dormer window was delivered today “for size”. Once it is confirmed to fit snug, then the rest of the dormer windows will follow. We had used the original restored dormer windows as template. And they are not replicable by machine. Hence the handmade nature entails time…. patience and a long wait for the roof!

Watching the Windows Come to Life

Not everyday in construction is fun. But collaborating with very talented artisans and craftsman in Napa, like Dennis Douglas here, takes some anxiety off our backs. Rebuilding these dormer windows are complicated: they are all handmade. We would love them to be installed soon so the roof work can commence.          …

Like a Vermeer Painting

Esteemed Napa Photographer Adrian Gregorutti shared some of the photographs he took of The Francis House in June 2008 :¬†Eight years before we gutted and demolished the interiors of the building. The photographer’s grasp of the place show the time -worn building which teems with contrasting shadow and light: like a Vermeer painting.    …

Waterproof Membrane

A pizza break was in order for these 16 men to do a full throttle installing the waterproof membrane (blue material) over the wooden sheathing. Rain means ” NO HOLDS BARRED”. All in a days work !           So until the sun comes out we have a “blue” do. Next up:…

Wooden Sheathing

Challenge : Calistoga forecast is rain thru Friday. Solution : Sixteen expert men hustled to get the wooden sheathing to “sandwich” the insulation material Wednesday. This is crucial, the insulation material put up last week cannot get soaked.