Richard spoke before the “Community” yesterday March 3 at the Sharpsteen Museum. The large show of attendees and numerous questions confirm the importance of this landmark building in the City of Calistoga.

Is this a rehabilitation or restoration ? It is both. In the demolition, we have collected some door knobs and architectural ornaments, and if possible we will re-use these in the re-design if they are in working condition.

What will the finished building look like ? We are keeping within the original footprint of the building and not adding any square footage to what was originally there. We are keeping the exterior stone walls. And would have loved to keep any of the interior structure but there was nothing left to save – when we acquired it the floors have already caved in.  Also, in those days, people lived differently. There was the concept of “upstairs-downstairs” where the servants lived below. The new building will have the “downstairs” as the main floor and will be the the hub of all activities. These days we “live” in the kitchen.

The museum ladies closed by saying that it is the most asked question by visitors: “What is that remarkable but dilapidated building?”  Richard remarked that when it is done, any references to the Adams Family house will be forgotten.

Earlier, we had submitted our plans to the Building Department.

Oh, and we met Daniel Bazzoli, a resident who was born in the property when it was the Calistoga Hospital.

It was a good day.


  1. I moved to Napa in 2008 and discovered this beautiful house during my explorations of the valley. I have longed to see it loved and restored. I applaud the plan to finally make this graceful dowager a fully functioning home again! It’s great to know it will be restored to it’s original beauty but at the same time be a modern home in daily use, not a museum.

    • HI Jeanette, thank you for the kind words. We are looking forward to our life in Napa but in the meantime, the restoration of the house has been a joy: not easy but we derive so much pleasure from working together and from the support from the community, like yourself.

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