1. At first glance the gray color and finish is more appealing to me. The lighter color may be more useful over time, but I don’t like the finish either. It’s too rustic for your use, in my opinion. In the picture of the lighter colored cabinets, the ceiling and floor are about the same color as the cabinets, which ruins it for me. Whichever cabinet color you choose, make sure and have the ceiling and floor different enough to give the eye some relief, as well as interest…Hmmm…I still like the gray more 🙂 Good luck! It’s been so fun keeping up with your project and it’s progress. We’re avid house “restorers” ourselves (our own), and we go to Calistoga 3 times a year to take the waters. We’ll be there in late April for a few days, and will walk by the Francis House and watch from the wings.

    • Hi Barbara, we are definitely doing a light color and from the varying comments we got, we are going back to the drawing board. Please keep watching ! Thank you !

  2. Vote for the light wood, as well…think it is more in keeping with the style of the home…definitely don’t want to make it look “too new”!

    LOVE that you are taking this property under your wing and bringing it back to life! Have been watching this property for years, and so happy someone with the heart and passion that it takes to rejuvenate this house, has been found.

    So look forward to the completion!!! Some sort of fundraiser as an open house would be lovely.

    Continued good luck and it is looking FABULOUS!

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