It’s been a month since the last post.

The re-grouting work on the inner stone walls is still in progress. Simultaneously, tests were made on the integrity of both the outer and inner walls as evidenced by the drill marks on the second picture.

Once all vital areas are tested, both outer (smoother faced walls) and inner (uneven faced walls) will be bolted together.







You will notice the smooth face of the exterior wall (picture below). In the interior walls (pictures above) the face is rough and uneven. When we acquired the building, the interior walls were clad in plaster. We ripped the plaster off to see what was behind it and happily discovered these original and stunning stone walls in perfect condition. We decided to use these walls as the interior walls of the building. They have a rustic character that would be a shame to hide under sheetrock. It will be an excellent juxtaposition to wake up in a fairly modern room surrounded by these century old stone walls.




This is the photo of the building from the northern eastern side of the property. The pool will go lengthwise from the center back door.

The door on the left side will be converted back to a window to match the window on the right. This is in keeping with the original design from the Francis House. It was made a door when the home was converted to the Old Calistoga Hospital.