While we were “Conferencing” …

The two original restored bay windows (at the rear and at the side) were installed while we were at the Conference. What a difference it makes. All these restored architectural elements are what makes this house historic. Fifty years of neglect made good today !            

1936 is old but the FH is older

The Queen Mary’s maiden voyage was in 1936; that’s a long time ago. That’s also the year my mom was born. But then the Francis House was built in 1886, that’s 50 years before the Queen Mary sailed. I apparently have a deep affinity for things of old. 🙂

Aboard the Queen Mary

What better venue for a Conference for InnKeepers and Small Hotel Owners than the Queen Mary ship docked in Long Beach. It’s a great time to break from the cold and wet weather in San Francisco to learn from the wealth of resources and attendees and speakers, all stalwarts in the hospitality industry !  …

Sunny Days Are Here Again !

On the road to the Francis House this morning.   I stared at this sight for a long time today. The third storey took some time to appear !   Here are some old photos of the old wooden French mansard roof before we took it down. The new one is being made in the…

Truss in Me

The skies are still dark but the sight of the new trusses (right length and angle this time) are making us see the rainbow at the end of the tunnel. When the rain goes away, the roof will come!