Organizing Pots & Pans

Looking thru my kitchen portfolio for past clients : I need to think about how I will be organizing pots & pans & their lids for the Francis House. Richard has vetoed hanging pots and pans overhead the island so we may go with either of this.    

Spring-steen !

And just as the weather surprised us, the drive back was an equally awesome reminder screaming “SPRING” ! Just as Eric Church’s Springsteen came up on the radio.

Windows on the Second Floor

What we thought would be a rainy, no work day, turned out to be a day of filling, preparing and repairing the original window trims on the 2/F. All in anticipation of the install of new glass windows.              

Behind the Mansard Roof

Each time I climb the makeshift ladder to reach the 3/F, I ask myself what can make this floor as special as the 2/F (with interior stone walls). The 3/F will have walls that are essentially the inside walls of the mansard roof.         What do you think about a faux finish…

The Inside is Clear

The G/F and 2/F was heavy with men and equipment, it is where all the work was being done when the rains poured heavy the last 2 months. Now that the sun is out, work is done outside and we are able to clear the interiors to get a feel of the size of the…