Dormer Window Template is in the House

A dormer window was delivered today “for size”. Once it is confirmed to fit snug, then the rest of the dormer windows will follow. We had used the original restored dormer windows as template. And they are not replicable by machine. Hence the handmade nature entails time…. patience and a long wait for the roof!

Omelettes as a Canvas

On weekends, I accumulate a plethora of produce from the Green Market. The classic omelette makes for a great canvas to blanket all these: here, shiitakes, parsley, marjoram and shallots in brown butter.

Vegetable Bibimbap

We’ve been eating our ideas for coming breakfast @ The Francis House for dinner. Tonight’s was Vegetable Bibimbap ! The sriracha and gochugaru flakes is an equal substitute to perk me up coffee!!

Falling in Love with a Door

I fell in love with a hotel door. I was in Copenhagen last year and stayed at the Hotel D’Angleterre (Photo 1). Did some research when I got home and found a similar one (Photo 2).   We have decided to use a dual combination and key lock from Emtek (guests will choose what they…

The Way California Does Breakfast

All these food posts are, to me, the perfect way to start the day. Having been re-reading my Ottolenghi cookbooks, I was inspired. Hence these little pots with a scoop of avocado, a few chorizo slices, baby asparagus and a runny boiled egg … drizzled with Persian lime olive oil.   And a Baked Potato…