Rear (View)

The rear door opening that will lead to an old fashioned black bottom pool. The landscape won’t be happening soon but this has been the focal design element for the back area and this door opening will frame that nicely.

I love I-Beams !

The I-Beams keep Coming… this week the second and third floor beams were put in place. Suddenly, the scale is brought to light. For a single family home this may be generous square footage.  But is a small footprint for a bed & and breakfast property. The challenge is on for making magic with space…

New Keystone at Main Entry

A close up view of the new keystone on the now taller entryway. As the original building had the servants quarters on the ground floor, the first floor entry was nondescript, short (just 7′ tall) and with no identifying keystone marker. We remedied that by an additional foot in the door height and carving a…

Ornamental Side Windows

Each time I make a site visit, there are details that reiterate how a century old building is built differently from the way we do today. Case in point: notice the arch in the side windows that flank the entry corridor. Each 1/2 inch wooden segment is hand glued to form the arch. Today this…

Kitchen Area

This is the location of the Francis House kitchen: space is limited and the challenge is on on how to allot the space intelligently for storage and for functionality. It is small but we would never sacrifice the windows for more shelving.