Ira Yaeger & Les Indiens Royal

In studying what art is best to showcase at the Francis House, a prominent Calistoga historic property, we turn to local artists whose work celebrate the indigenous Wappo tribe. I discovered Ira Yaeger online after many hours and late nights of searching. See the man’s extraordinary talent and work here.      

Taking a (Breakfast) Break from Construction

While I have been posting photos of construction work, there is kitchen work happening simultaneously. Here are some breakfast items that we have been working on: Sweet Banana Chocolate Blueberry Crepes;   Blinis with Smoked Salmon Creme Fraiche ;     and Roasted Asparagus on a Gruyere Topped Brioche .     In 2013, I…

Baby Steps are Still Steps

I know… I know… it looks like nothing much is happening but next week of good weather means full throttle on getting the trusses and wood sheathing in place. We target a roof up by April Fools Day (and that’s no April Fool’s prank !)