Driving to Calistoga on a 68 degree sunny day is part of the joyful “chore” of the project. It is the best tasting “coffee” in the morning.

This week the task of drilling holes thru the stone walls then inserting plastic tubes that are injected with epoxy continues. That is what the Rafael is doing in the photo. A steel rod is drilled into these tubes which pushes the epoxy to fill in areas that are hollow in the stone wall. There are holes bored every 2.5 feet in every direction of the wall comprising a grid. The steel rod will be on every hole. The objective is to “bind” the interior wall to the exterior wall. That’s a lot of holes. Hence this has been ongoing since April.




And the primed wooden old growth redwood panels that were taken down to inspect for dry rot, cleaning, sanding and primed for painting will be installed next week.




It doesn’t look like much has changed in the facade but we who see it closely can see the improvement. It’s like getting a facial and all the pores are clean and “unclogged”. 🙂




Happy Weekend !