I-Beams are a big thing in structural engineering

Watching these load bearing I-Beams installed make it look easy considering their very significant role in the structural integrity of the building. It usually requires a minimum of two people to accomplish the task safely. Even a short six foot long double 2×12 beam can be very heavy. The beams on the corner support the…

More Stone Repairs

Days of laying the cement for the ground floor is done. Simultaneously, there is more repair on the exterior stone especially in areas where the additions from the old Calistoga Hospital where removed.      

What’s beneath a Floor ?

Three days ago the insulation was laid. Today, the reinforced bars were installed together with the radiant heat pipes (red pipes). The warm water that passes through these red pipes will channel heat giving warmth on bare feet. Now, after many months waiting, there is a level floor to walk on. The possibility of twisting…

The Layers to Prep the Ground Floor

  The preparations for the ground¬†level flooring is being laid now: (1) the vapor barrier (plastic like sheeting) has been laid followed by (2) insulation material. Next layers are the reinforced bars and then the concrete gets poured – these will happen tomorrow.

A View from Google Earth

An app that is indispensable to our work: Google Earth. Check out this birds eye view shot of the Francis House. Somewhat cartoonish but very real. It reminds me of my yesteryears building architectural models.  

Lean on Me

Two weeks ago the bond beams have been filled with concrete. This week we begin building the interior steel “cage” which is an added interior support for the existing exterior stone walls. What this means ? The exterior stone walls have been stabilized and the interior steel cage is an added “brace” so they are…