This is probably the most long-playing discussion Richard and I have had that I am throwing out there to get some wisdom.

We have 5 guest rooms. Richard thinks we need all 5 bedrooms outfitted with California King size beds. I think we need at least 1 bedroom with 2 twin or double size beds.

H-E-L-P us decide ! Please we appreciate your comments !

The photos are not the designs of the guests rooms they are just visual aids. Room designs are still in progress.

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 10.28.48 AM


Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 8.59.20 PM





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  1. You definitely need at least one bedroom with a couple of doubles or twins. I have run 2 vacation rentals for over 20 years, and, believe me, not everyone (even married couples) want to sleep in the same bed, (for any number of reasons). However, they do still like room to sleep, so 2 doubles, or even 2 queens are the way to go. I might even suggest at least 2 rooms with 2 beds in them. Having said that, I, myself, love king beds (even for just myself! LOL) Keep on keeping on! I’m very excited about your project!

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