Ira Yaeger’s Wappo Indians

The most fulfilling encounters we have in the journey of this rehabilitation is meeting local craftsmen, artists and neighbors. Ira Yaeger is one prominent artist who lives between Calistoga, California and Santa Fe, New Mexico and whose vivid sketches of Wappo Indians remind us of the indigenous people that were the inhabitants of Calistoga. The…

Kiss the Frogs

Every decision we made on which pieces we would acquire for the property took time (a year and more), many phone calls and many discussions (that bordered on arguments) and many negotiations. This is in the top 10 of things we vacillated about and now that it is 3/4 done, we are confident we made…

Newel Posts

The Francis House is special thus the search for newel posts for the 3 flights of stairs needed to be out of the ordinary.

The search is over with these 6 solid mahogany newel posts that we found from Philadelphia.