Rain Rain Go Away

The 4 days straight of heavy downpour leaves us with a lush and vivid green.

And this morning the Francis House received our order for 15 gallon English Laurel hedges which made us look like a nursery.

Seeing this marks the beginning of our landscape work.


Stone Columns

With the chisel and skill these stone masons have, these 2 columns are the closest we will get to seeing the basics of temple building in King Solomon’s time.




Mid-Day Break

Breaking for lunch with a quarter of our crew (the others were camera shy).

These group of dedicated workers are what makes coming to the job a pleasure despite the everyday challenges.

Thank you to our “Jesus” team.


Tax Credit Application

224 photographs, 75 pages of architectural plans. 2 Letters. Multi colored pens for marking. Multi colored binder clips. Multi colored post it notes – all strewn on our dining table. Many late nights working on our Tax Credit application. After 3.5 months, we finally have our dining table back